Camera Obscura

              October, 2014

 For my Granddaughter, Phoebe


Clouds have done their late reveal New Moon, but I don't have glass

powerful enough to focus you in harvest time,

and I suspect I'll be increasingly enveloped in

the fog smother that descends on all receding seasons.


Still, universe is not too dark for light-years' likenesses,

flickers from Andromeda's snapping paparazzi,

so let's strike a pose - if there's anything to print us sharp

as the clocks go back, then the flash from a galaxy might.


A cosmic camera, you and I caught on film, laughing

for the sky through a memory's telephoto lens,

and if its shutter clicked now across all that milky space,

past and future might yet hold hands, archived in new moonlight.


(From Camera Obscura. Rockingham Press, 2016)

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