Seán Street is a writer, broadcaster and poet. He is also Emeritus Professor at Bournemouth University, and now lives in Liverpool. This site profiles some of his work in prose, poetry and sound.  











October 12th


All year it has been there, though hidden well,

looking like all the other numbers, just

waiting to be ticked with barely a glance,

a date to pass through as we thought we must.


And yet now, see what it has done to us?

Just see what all the time, it held in store:

a day to trip us, through remaining years.

How could we not have noticed it before?

                                        From: Time Between Tides: New and Selected Poems 1981-2009

                                                   (Rockingham Press)



Street unearths loss, memory and redemption from English terrain like few other poets.

The Times

The formal precision...and the burnished language are reminiscent of Geoffrey Hill...Cello is a beautifully achieved collection infused with all the craft that Street has acquired throughout his extensive career. The poems are both detached and perfectly crafted.

Kalyna Review


Seán Street's poetry collections can be bought through the following sites:

Rockingham Press titles Cello/Time Between Tides/ Radio & Other Poems may be purchased from Inpress Books:


Lapwing Publications' Jazz Time, available direct from the publisher: https://sites.google.com/a/lapwingpublications.com/lapwing-store/sean-street

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On The Memory of Sound: 

Street's profound insights weave through every chapter in this masterful work, each a cherished ode to the documentation and preservation of sound. For that I thank him.

Dmae Roberts, (Peabody Award winning Independent Public Radio producer.)

An important book by a writer who understands the power of sound as a broadcaster, as a researcher, as a listener, and, above all, as a poet.  Seán Street brilliantly illuminates how sound, our first and last sense, runs like a flash of lightning through time lost and found.

Piers Plowright, (Radio Features Producer)



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