Wild Track - Sound, Text and the Idea of Birdsong. (Bloomsbury Academic, 2023.)

'In this book Seán Street has re-imagined the term 'Wildtrack', and guides the reader/listener from when sound was "recorded" solely through experience and then replayed from memory, imagination, poetry and prose, clearly across time, harnessing text with the developing role of technology to create a narrative flow as affecting as a woodland chorus in spring.'
Chris Watson, wildlife sound recordist

'Seán Street is an extraordinary listener: he listens like no one else, to how we all listen...To human ears after Wild Track, birdsong will sound forever different.'
Tim Dee, Author of The Running Sky (2009) and Greenery (2020) Former BBC radio producer.

'This poetic text illuminates the attempt to capture the sound of the natural world in words and is a celebration of the mystery of birdsong.'
Richard Shannon, Goldsmiths, University of London


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