Seán Street is a writer, broadcaster and poet. He is also Emeritus Professor at Bournemouth University, and now lives in Liverpool. This site profiles some of his work in prose, poetry and sound.  











Shipping Movements

(Canada Dock, Liverpool)


Unseen at night

we held a conversation

about shared things.

Slow quiet tide.


Alone on the strand

standing on the strand

memory shows tide

because of sound's self

sound of the current

playing with the ebb.

Under dark sound

shows tide as memory.

Tide dock wasteland

estuary funnelling

memory's last boardings

embarkations away

widening distancing

leaving the kiss

of departing sea.


Buried in the earth

of a coat against cold

with nothing seen but only

felt there's only this ice

in the wind along strand.

Awake at the light

and surprised as always

to be here memory's night

sound still there from

the slow tide's ebb.


We held a conversation

about things shared

although I was sleeping

and you were dead

at least one of us

awake to hear

steps on the wharf

a closing door at four

no one there waiting

only the resumption

only daylight hiding

the mourning only

the mourning sound

of old broken ships.

                                           From the sequence Towards the Estuary, in Cello (Rockingham Press, 2013) 

Street unearths loss, memory and redemption from English terrain like few other poets.
The Times

The formal precision...and the burnished language are reminiscent of Geoffrey Hill...Cello is a beautifully achieved collection infused with all the craft that Street has acquired throughout his extensive career. The poems are both detached and perfectly crafted.

Kalyna Review


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