Watch artist Peter Dover's visual interpretation of Seán's poem, 'Shipping Forecast, Donegal' as featured in the CD, ESTUARY here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-Igy9Sb1BA&feature=youtu.be

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A Recording of Emily Dickinson


             It's a fading document, signals from heartbeats.

             The suggestion of a voice that if heard again,

             you'd know again. You're listening to sepia

             as it disappears, bleaching memory, murmurs

             from an imagined place on an uncut page. Hear?

             She's speaking there now over the surrounding fogged

             moment, a warm lustre that's growing on the mind,

             witness of actuality's unlocked essence 

             pausing then fading as the words form, temporal,

             telling as the touch of a hand.


                                              Who can know if 

             this is from her or from wishing's cracked conception?

             Whatever, it's an inveigling dream to hear while

             evidence looks the other way. These ellipses

             committing meanings between them in shared real time

             if found would shape persuasion beyond a haunting.

             We await whispers washed clean of death by writings

             from comfortingly physical machines. Meantime

             authenticity's preserved in an idea.

             Search Mr Edison, search for a pulse, make it

             live like this, confirm a breathing definition. 


FromTalk, Radio: Poems of Transmission (Lapwing Publications,2017 - see News section)





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