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Villanelle on Lines by Sir Thomas Wyatt

i.m.Anne Williams, Hillsborough campaigner, died 18 April 2013


My sweet, alas, forget me not,

I'm the long conscience that seeks out what you are,

although daily ye see me not.


How is it with you? Have you yet

not understood the unsleeping hurt I share?

My sweet, alas, forget me not.


In fact it was ever my lot

to pursue you. I am always so, so near

although daily ye see me not.


Remember now what you forgot

and when you remember you will catch my stare.

My sweet, alas, forget me not.


When you killed my trust, oh then what

did we come to? I am pain's day and hope's star,

although daily ye see me not.


Truth will pursue you, be it cold or hot,

even though it seems to you you've come so far.

My sweet, alas, forget me not,

although daily ye see me not.

(Published in Poetry Salzburg Review, Spring, 2015)


Street unearths loss, memory and redemption from English terrain like few other poets.
The Times

The formal precision...and the burnished language are reminiscent of Geoffrey Hill...Cello is a beautifully achieved collection infused with all the craft that Street has acquired throughout his extensive career. The poems are both detached and perfectly crafted.

Kalyna Review


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