Seán Street is a writer, broadcaster and poet. He is also Emeritus Professor at Bournemouth University, and now lives in Liverpool. This site profiles some of his work in prose, poetry and sound.  


'The Calderstones' (extract)


All space holds echoes. A clearing

in woodland, a circle of stones,

shaped spirals into cups of sound,

the tense of them always present...


A seabird overflies the stones,

a feather falls slowly through air,

for five thousand years will turn, fall

iridescent, mirror's bevel


reflecting askew of daylight

something oblique in the corner

of Time's eye, and accidents that

give presences to history.


A bell fades past the child in me,

while a strike on stone ringing from

before little but the stars had

a shape, though to a hum, still sings.


From Camera Obscura, to be published by Rockingham Press on the 9th of  May.



Responses to Camera Obscura:

Seán Street's beautifully honed metaphysical poems explore our place in the universe and in time - Patricia McCarthy

I am left to marvel at this poet's reach and range, his rare ability to tune my own listening to frequencies beneath or beyond the ear's ordinary hearing - Fiona Owen

Shadows and shapes from the past or nature or the numinous world come and go in that uncertain light between "prayer and promise" - Martyn Crucefix

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