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Poem of the Month: July


For Phoebe Rose, born 5.18am, 15 June, 2014, and her mother Jemma


Dear child of my first child, I'll give birdsong,

a birch tree to leaf for you, an apple

to fruit for you and your season's prisms

in rose dew. I'll give a moonstone to reflect


the luminous air of mornings, the wide

benediction of blue skies, horizons

you open in your eyes, the miracle

we see in your coming. And in return


I'll ask that you take to the unborn years

the joy and hope of this hour, the message

of the beauty your mother wears each day,

the thread of womanhood that links to you.


But to reward you for being there's no

giving that's loving enough, there is no

word, no prize equal to your gift for us

child of my dear child, sharing your first light.


Street unearths loss, memory and redemption from English terrain like few other poets.
The Times

The formal precision...and the burnished language are reminiscent of Geoffrey Hill...Cello is a beautifully achieved collection infused with all the craft that Street has acquired throughout his extensive career. The poems are both detached and perfectly crafted.

Kalyna Review


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