On Air

'A superb programme-maker'.   (Jane Anderson, Radio Editor, Radio Times, 27 October, 2012)

Seán Street has worked in radio since 1970. He began his career at BBC Radio Solent, later moving into the commercial sector when 2CR opened in Bournemouth, in 1980. Here he was Features Editor, leaving in 1987 to develop work as a freelance programme maker. Since that time he has made programmes for The BBC World Service, BBC Radios 2,3 and 4, and a number of commercial radio stations, including LBC in London.

In March 2014 ABC Radio National in Australia broadcast Seán Street's programme, Radio Waves in its Poetica strand. The programme, produced by Miyuki Jokiranta, is based on poems from Street's Enitharmon anthology, Radio Waves, as well as the thinking behind his 2013 prose book, The Poetry of Sound (Routledge). The feature is available for listening via this link:


Seán Street's documentary on the early days of the BBC Archive, Marie Slocombe and the BBC Archive, is available to hear via this link:

You can hear Seán Street's acclaimed documentary on the sound recordist, Ludwig Koch, first heard on BBC Radio 4 in 2010, here: