Street Street at the British Library's Sound Archive

26/28 March 2011

On Saturday 26 March, Sean Street's programme, "Walls of Sound" - about the Sound Conservation work in the Sound Archive at the British Library, is broadcast on Radio 4 in "Archive on 4". the programme includes some extraordinary audio documents, including James Joyce reading from "Ulysses", the sound of English dialect rcordings made in a German POW camp in 1916, and the first broadcast anywhere of audio from a postage stamp. Speaking of the programme, the Director of the Sound Archive, Richard Ranft said, “It's certainly the most evocative, accurate, comprehensive and absorbing programme about the 'sound archive' that I can remember in 25 years! Prof Sean Street speaks as someone who knows us and our work well.” The programme goes on at 8.00pm on March 26, with a revised repeat on Monday, 28 March, at 3.00pm.