Sean Street Celebrates Delia Murphy on Ireland's Newstalk

25/31 October 2009

Sean Street presents "The Blackbird - the Life and Legacy of Delia Murphy" on Ireland's Newstalk 106. A highly personal documentary produced by Alan Hall of Falling Tree Productions, the programme features members of the great singer's family, and a contribution from Liam Clancy. Delia Murphy was famous for recordings she made in the late 1930s, such as "If I Were a Blackbird", "The Moonshiner" and "The Spinning Wheel", but continued to record post-war on both sides of the Atlantic. She was a major influence on a large number of singers and bands including The Clancy Brothers and The Pogues. "The Blackbird" airs at 9.00pm on Sunday 25 October, and is repeated on Sunday 31 October at 7.00am.