The Sound Inside the Silence
The Sound Inside the Silence

Posted on 20th July 2018

Seán Street's most recent book on sound aesthetics, Sound at the Edge of Perception: the Aural Minutiae of Sand and Other Worldly Murmurings, was published by Palgrave in the summer of 2018, a follow-up to Sound Poetics: Interaction and Personal Identity (Palgrave, 2017.) 

Of this, the radio features producer Piers Plowright wrote: 'Seán Street is one of our great listeners and one of our finest interpreters of listening. This book uses literature, the visual arts, music, radio, the sounds of the natural world, and silence, to explore the deepest meanings of sound.Or, as he writes in his last sentence, ‘all the murmurs in the whispering world’. 

Now Seán is working on third book in this particular series, with the title, The Sound Inside the Silence: Travels in the Sonic Imagination. The book should appear towards the end of 2019. Of the planned work he said, 'I'm delighted to be completing this trilogy of books on the poetics of sound for Palgrave. This new writing will I hope pull together a number of the threads that I've been thinking about over the last few years. In terms of scope it's certainly the most ambitious of the three books. It will explore the sounds that we hear inside our mind, when stimulated by external forces; sound as event, as response to fear, passion, inspiration, art, dream sound, sounds made from the places that formed us, imagined worlds and the virtual voices of social media.'

Previous works on related areas of interest are The Poetry of Radio, (Routledge, 2012) and The Memory of Sound, (Routledge, 2014).

Details of Sound at the Edge of Perception can be found here: