Camera Obscura Published
Camera Obscura Published

Posted on 8th May 2016

Seán Street's latest collection of poems is Camera Obscura, published by Rockingham Press. It is available from Inpress Books:

Responses to the book include the following:

'Camera Obscura is rife with music and sound.  Unsurprisingly, Street often thinks in metaphors of recording and broadcasting technologies: short wave, radar, shellac, reel-to-reel, and live wireless broadcast find the language of poetry.  Proleptically witty, Street places a sound engineer at the bloody battlefield of Towton in 1461 (‘The Catastrophe Tapes’).  Again, Street emphasizes the unknowable past, with an accompanying perception that human failings are ever the same.' (PN Review)

'Beautifully honed metaphysical poems. But it should never be forgotten that it is sound which is the principal ingredient, the sub-text as it were, to virtually all of Street's poetry.' (Acumen)

'Be prepared to explore with all your senses and to learn new ways of looking at the world about you.' (Friends of the Dymock Poets Newsletter)

'A poetry of mind working in and with language, with a lifetime of experiencing, remembering, seeing time on time on time. The result is a wise poetry with a depth of humanity, a poetry to live with.' (Jeremy Hooker)






















Camera Obscura is available from Inpress Books:

Further details are available from Inpress Books via this link: